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Call for Presentation Proposals

Submission Deadline: June 14, 2022

General Instructions

  1. Submissions must meet all the requirements of the proposed category. Review the submission categories at the right. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.
  2. Do not submit the same proposal in more than one category.
  3. Acknowledgment of receipt of submissions will be emailed automatically after you complete your submission.
  4. ALL PRESENTERS MUST PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE. In addition, no honoraria or travel expense reimbursement will be provided for any presenter submitting through the call for presentations.
  5. Presenters may not use any conference presentation to market products or services; partnerships are available for that purpose.
  6. Every presenter, lead and secondary, will be required to complete a faculty disclosure form indicating any financial arrangement or affiliation with any organizations that may have a direct interest in the subject matter of the continuing medical education presentation.




Submissions are encouraged in these topic areas:

  • Increasing URM educators and students in family medicine
  • Health equity and social determinants of health education
  • Improving well-being at the personal and systems level
  • Common challenges in medical education, and problem-solving
  • Advocacy skills for faculty and learners
  • Novel strategies/recruitment programs to engage students in Family Medicine
  • Innovations in medical education
  • Preparing students for the match, changes in STEP
  • Recruiting and retaining community preceptors
  • Family medicine coordinator best practices and innovations
  • Telehealth/telemedicine
  • Future of family medicine: e.g., scope of practice, advocating for the specialty
  • Exploration of career opportunities within family medicine: e.g., direct primary care, academic, private practice
  • Faculty development topics: e.g., curriculum development, giving feedback, teaching in the clinical setting, conflict management, project management, scholarship/research, mentoring, promotion, and career progression
  • Teaching clinical topics: e.g., impact of climate change, addiction, LGBTQ+, PEP/PrEP, medical marijuana, POCUS, chronic disease management, disease prevention, behavioral health, population health, quality improvement

Your submission will be reviewed using these criteria:

  • Topic is relevant to medical student education
  • Clear objectives—problem statement is clear
  • Originality and innovation—practical application
  • Amount of content is appropriate for time allowed
  • Content of proposed presentation (teaching methods clear, likely to meet objectives, adequate breadth of coverage)
  • Proposal is clearly written and well-organized
  • Audience involvement
  • Duration of experience/evaluation of effectiveness 


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Chair's Message

Tomoko Sairenji, MD, MS
2023 Conference Chair


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic converting two of our last STFM MSE conferences into virtual events, it was amazing to connect with my STFM family at this year’s MSE conference and to feel the palpable energy through the screen. We had 572 attendees (up from 428 in 2021) participate in 3 plenary sessions, 58 posters, 18 student scholar posters, 30 scholarly discussions, 35 lectures, 4 workshops and 1 post-con workshop in addition to lots of high-quality recorded sessions! The discussions through zoom and chat rooms were invigorating and encouraging. As for silver linings, it gave us new methods to connect and share materials with one another and allowed those who would not have been able to attend a live conference a chance to participate.

It is hard to know what the future holds in store for us, but with the coming spring, I feel hope. The 2023 STFM MSE Conference is scheduled to take place in-person in New Orleans, LA from Jan 26-29. I hope that our circumstances will allow for it to remain a live, in-person event. I hope for the ability to feel the physical energy of a shared plenary session and hallway conversations and hugs as we reunite. I hope for the opportunity to form new friendships and to connect with one another once again.

But as I said…. Who knows what will happen. The past two years have taught us all to be flexible, resilient, innovative, and to handle life’s challenges with grace. It has tested our strength and ability to endure as a community. Though it has been a challenging time, I am struck with the compassion, care, and strength that exists at the foundation of this community.

Regardless of how things shake out, whether it be in-person or virtual, I feel the incredible importance of the STFM MSE Conference to be a place where we can come as ourselves, be vulnerable, learn and thrive together. We are committed to it being a safe place for discussion and collaboration.

So please join us for a (hopefully) in-person STFM MSE 2023 conference in stimulating and fun New Orleans! Students, residents, coordinators, preceptors, and faculty are all welcome! We invite submissions that will enrich our knowledge and teaching and wellness -- on topics that you are interested in! The educational experiences and communities that we create within our field is impacting our learners and future family physicians, those who will continue to change the face of medicine. We are so excited to see you again and the energy and wisdom that you bring.

Session Categories

30-minute didactic presentations with discussion; two lectures are paired and offered consecutively in a 60-minute session. 

Scholarly Topic Roundtable Discussion
60-minute informal presentations to share experiences, ideas, problems, and solutions; leaders briefly present material and facilitate discussion. Limit 10 participants per table 

60-minute didactic presentations with audience discussion 

60-minute sessions on collaborative work from multiple institutions or departments with a moderator organizing a brief presentation to stimulate focused discussion by participants 

90-minute task-oriented, small-group educational sessions 

Completed Research Project:
15-to 20-minute sessions on original work with a focus on research 

In-Progress Research Project
15-to 20-minute sessions on original in-progress work with a focus on research 

Preconference Workshop
4 to 8-hour interactive, skill-building session that occurs on the day before the conference begins and requires more time than the other conference formats allow.  There are limited slots for this session format. NOTE: If your workshop will be sponsored by an outside (non-STFM) group, organization, or other funder, the sponsor information will be required on the submission form. 

Visual presentations with an informal information exchange between attendees and presenters. Dedicated time: 45-minutes; held during refreshment breaks 



If you have additional questions about the submission process, contact STFM at or 800.274.7928.