New Resources For Mentorship Programs for URM/BIPOC faculty

November 30, 2021—The STFM Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Mentorship Group has created a set of resources to help institutions and residency programs develop their own mentoring programs for URM/BIPOC faculty.

These resources offer guidance for institutions as they train mentors to promote success and advancement for URM faculty mentees in the early stages of their careers.

In addition to helping with academic advancement and promotion, mentors are given suggestions for building relationships that help URM faculty address the issues and experiences of racism, marginalization, and other roadblocks to success through appropriate professional boundaries and self-care. 

Resource Overview:

  • The facilitator's guide provides guidelines for mentor/mentee recruitment and matching, as well as suggested best practices for training, check-ins, and mentor/mentee goal-setting
  • Three recorded webinars train mentors to understand and appropriately address the unique needs of URM/BIPOC faculty in academic settings.

All of these materials have been developed through the Mentoring Underrepresented Faculty for Academic Excellence program as part of the STFM URM Initiative.  


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