Announcing the 2023 Poetry & Prose Contest Winners

March 22, 2023—STFM is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Poetry & Prose Contest. Their winning pieces will be on display at the 2023 STFM Annual Spring Conference and awardees will have the opportunity to read their works at the Annual Poetry and Prose Reading on Saturday, April 29; 6:45–8 pm.

1st Place: Suture the Soul by Brandon Williamson, MD
2nd Place: A Doctor's Contraction by Elois D'Haiti, BS
Honorable Mention: Escapism by Hassan M. Saleh, BA

1st Place: Oath and Prayer by Hugh Blumenfeld, MD, PhD
2nd Place: Dear Sarah (A Letter) by Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH
Honorable Mention: Five Days by Elizabeth J. Trout, MD, MLS

1st Place: Still Life: Coming Home in 55 words by Elizabeth A. Fleming, MD
2nd Place: Healing by Amanda Key, BS
Honorable Mention: Assorted Haikus by Barry Saver, MD, MPH

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