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September 2021: Finding a Leadership Mentor with Dr Renee Crichlow

What separates a good leader from a great one? These in-depth interviews with some of family medicine's most influential leaders provide insight into pivotal experiences that boosted leadership skills and provided unprecedented opportunities for personal growth. 

In this episode, Dr Saccocio discusses Leadership Mentorship with Dr Renee Crichlow.

This series of podcasts is sponsored by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM), the academic home for family medicine educators.


Renee Crichlow, MD, FAAFP:

Dr. Renee Crichlow is the Director of ​Advocacy and Policy for the University of Minnesota Dept of Family Medicine and Community Health. She practices and teaches full spectrum Family Medicine. Dr. Crichlow’s first position was an attending physician, researcher, and instructor at UCDavis, with a joint appointment in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and OB/Gyne Breast Health Clinic. Prior to joining the UMN  North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program, she was faculty at the Montana Family Medicine Residency with one of her continuity clinics in the town of Joliet (population 900). ​Now, Dr. Crichlow serving as an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine, and as the Director of Advocacy and Policy, she serves on the Executive Team for the Chair of the UMN Dept. of Family Medicine and Community Health.  She is the immediate past President and current Board Chair of Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.  She is on the national board of the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine. Dr. Crichlow has two fellowships one in  Medical Education and a Health Policy Fellowship through the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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