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Preconference Workshops

Thursday, January 26

1–5 pm

PR01:  New Year, New Rules - Strategies for a Successful Match in Family Medicine in 2023 and Beyond
Joel Heidelbaugh, MD; Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH; Aaron Michelfelder, MD; Andrea Murawa

This preconference is designed for medical education leaders including clerkship and program directors, medical student career advisors, mentors, education coordinators, and medical students to learn key data and strategies toward guiding our students in a successful match in family medicine. The format will provide current data and historical trends on the NRMP match, evolving challenges with dramatically rising numbers of applications, and a detailed guide through the updated version of the Strolling Through the Match materials. An expert panel comprised of medical student education leaders, career advisors, program directors, and resident and student representatives will present successes and pitfalls over the past years with special attention on how the application, interview and match processes have varied during the COVID pandemic. Current data will be presented on the SOAP process relating to the family medicine match, coupled with strategies for advisors to best guide students in this process. Attendee participation and questions will be encouraged during the panel discussion. Small group sessions will center on sharing challenges and successes as well as strategies to mitigate forthcoming challenges in the upcoming year, as well as case discussions highlighting real student scenarios to drive discussion and formulate strategies on how to best guide students toward a highly successful match
(Additional Fee:$150; includes refreshments, training materials and CME)

1–5 pm
PR02:  So You Want To Be A Leader In Academic Medicine? Here Are The Tools That You Need!
Alison Dobbie, MD; Peter Catinella, MD; Lori Solomon, MD; Jennifer Leiser, MD

Your career in family medicine education can take many paths. Is a higher leadership position right for you? What do you need to prepare yourself to take on a more advanced leadership position? We know our profession needs leaders for the future. The Association of Departments of Family Medicine had 156 member departments in May 1st, 2022. All these departments need leaders to assume the roles of Chiefs of Service, Medical Directors, Program/Clerkship Directors, Vice Chairs, and Chair. In this workshop, delivered by experienced department chairs and senior leaders, participants will learn about leadership development pathways produced by the Council of Academic Family Medicine (CAFM) Leadership Development Taskforce. Participants will also learn about critical competencies for family medicine leaders. These comprise four domains: leadership; administration/management; personal development and management; and managing external relationships. Participants will apply their skills through worked cases, will map their careers against present and future pathways, and will use the tools to develop a personal action plan for academic career advancement.
(Additional Fee: $150; includes refreshments, training materials and CME)

1–5 pm
PR03: FMIG Faculty Mentor Workshop
Ashley Bentley, CAE, MBA; Adam Bradley

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) and American College of Osteopathic Family Physician student chapter faculty advisors have both the opportunity and the calling to build and support medical student awareness, understanding, and commitment to family medicine at their institutions with the end goal of contributing to a more robust family medicine workforce. This goes far beyond simply helping a group of students reserve a conference room for a lunch lecture; it’s about giving students the opportunity to follow their passion for primary care and spread it among their peers in a meaningful way, engaging students in reform, giving them crucial experiences that their curriculum leaves behind, and ultimately leading more of them to find their fit in family medicine. FMIG faculty and staff advisors from across the country will come together in this workshop to work together to share successful strategies and get re-energized for this vital work. At its foundation, the workshop provides dedicated space to explore with peers the role FMIGs play in developing the primary care workforce of the future and identify opportunities to make the programs, activities, and initiatives of FMIGs more effective and successful. The 2023 workshop will bring in new and emerging research on the role of FMIGs, models for FMIG engagement and management, and leadership skill development for faculty and staff.
(No Fee:  Sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians.)